The National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI) and her partners (policy makers, researchers, funders e.t.c) have believe that open access to biodiversity information and knowledge by all stakeholders is essential to the conservation and sustainable use of freshwater biodiversity. NaFIRRI is committed to the principle of free and open access to the data collected by both government and non-government funded programs.


The objective of the FWB portal for Uganda is to manage and provide maximally unrestricted public access to and use of all freshwater biodiversity data for Uganda, including access, sharing, visualization, analysis, modeling, and other uses of public interest.

Data completeness/accuracy

The developers of this portal strive to ensure that the data and associated information products are as accurate as possible, but we do not guarantee absolute completeness or the absence of errors, and neither do we guarantee uninterrupted access. Data users should notify NaFIRRI regarding data quality and other issues concerning data shared through the portal, using the feedback mechanism provided in this portal.

Data access and use

All the data and associated information products in this portal shall be used under the CC BY-NC licence attribution, under which data are made available for any use (including coping and redistribution) provided that attribution is appropriately given (see data/data portal citation below) and provided the use is not for commercial purposes. To avoid doubt, the word commercial here means direct sale of data with the aim of making profit


Whenever a dataset is downloaded from the portal, users are strongly encouraged to cite the publisher of the data retrieved from the portal according to the recommended citation shown on the dataset. For the general reference to the data portal, the recommendation citation is given on the portal landing page.

Data sharing

This portal is an open access facility; users can freely redistribute the data and other information products free of restrictions as long as the source is acknowledged. Data-holders/publishers, therefore, consent that the data shared on this platform (in whatever form) are openly and universally available to all users and can be reused and/or redistributed free of restrictions, and that NaFIRRI, her staff and partners are not responsible whatsoever for any dispute that arises on the ownership of the data. In case of data owner disputes, the data in question will be removed from the portal.


Natugonza, V. & Musinguzi, L. (editors) 2021. Freshwater Biodiversity Portal for Uganda. www.freshwaterbiodiversity.go.ug, version (01/2021).


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