Access current freshwater biodiversity data for any location in Uganda including over 1000 species, and 20,000 occurrences. We collect and process biodiversity data from different sources such as Waterbodies, Different Publishers, Existing research and many others. Data is available in JSON, XML, or HTML format.

Call currentbiodiversitydata fordatasets.

1. API callfor all datasets{API key}

2. API callfor a single dataset{dataset id}&apikey={API key}

3. API callfor a single specie specie_id={Species id}&apikey={API key}

4. API callfor a single waterbody waterbody_id={waterbody id}&apikey={API key}

5. API callfor a single publisher publisher_id={publisher id}&apikey={API key}

Call currentspeciesdata

1. API callfor all species api_species/?apikey={API key}

2. API callfor a single specie api_species/?id={specie id}
&apikey={API key}


Natugonza, V. & Musinguzi, L. (editors) 2021. Freshwater Biodiversity Portal for Uganda., version (01/2021).


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