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FWB Portal User Manual

Search species Gallery

The scientific names of species in the gallery are arranged in alphabetical order. Please use the Ctrl+F function or its alternatives on your computer to search species of interest using the scientific names or common fish names.

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Signing up for a Publisher account on the Portal

To login into this portal, one must have an account.kindly choose to either register as an individual publisher or an institution publisher depending on your choice. The Register menu is found under contribute then Create Account. Once your details have been submitted, an email is sent with a link to ...

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Navigating the home page

The home page has several links, but some links are nested. Click on Browse Portal to find Links to Datasets, Occurrences, Species, Publishers and Waterbodies. On Resources to find Publications, Usage statistics, Usage charts, Visitor locations, Dataset statistics, Data analysis. Click on Developers to Sign Up for an API, Request ...

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Natugonza, V. & Musinguzi, L. (editors) 2020. Freshwater Biodiversity Portal for Uganda. www.freshwaterbiodiversity.go.ug, version (01/2020).


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