Distichodus rostratus (Günther, 1864)
Status: Accepted name

Common names:
General name (around Lake Albert): Wachone

Taxonomic tree
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fish)
Order: Characiformes (Characins)
Family: Distichodontidae (Distichodus)
Genus: Distichodus
Species: Distichodus rostratus (Günther, 1864)
Number of Occurrancies: 0

Etymology(based on Sharpf & Lazara, 2019)

  • Distichodus: from greek distichus, meaning of two rows; odon, meaning tooth, referring to two rows of bifid teeth on both jaws.

  • rostratus: beaked, referring to pointed, prominent nose.

Synonyms: click here to view synonym

Type locality: Nile River and West Africa. Syntypes at British Museum of Natural History (BMNH)

Distinguishing characters for the genus

  • A deep, short body (2-3.5 times longer than deep) and compressed

  • Small ctenoid scales

  • Teeth bicuspid, usually in two series

  • The lower halves of the lower jaw are broadly separated

  • Dorsal fin situated situated above pelvic insertion

  • Adipose dorsal fin small and, together with the caudal fin) scaled

  • Purplish-silver color above, silver below; young fishes with several vertical dark bars on the flank

Distinguishing characters for the species

  • Lateral line with 80-98 scales; 15-17 scales between the lateral line and origin of the dorsal fin

Taxonomic remarks: This species can easily be confused with Distichodus nefasch; the only distinguishing feature is the number of scales between the origin of dorsal fin and lateral line (18-21 in D. nefasch and 15-17 in D. rostratus).

Distribution in Uganda: Murchison Nile

Occurence: Native

Habitat: Dermersal, potamodrous. 

Feeding: Submerged plants

Biology: No information is available on biology of this species in Ugandan waters. 

Economic importance/End use: Unknown. 

IUCN conservation status: click here to view IUCN status

Threats: Unknown

Main references

  • Greenwood PH. 1966. The fishes of Uganda. The Uganda Society, Kampala. 131 pages.

  • Sharpf C, Lazara J.K. 2019. Fish Name Etymology Database v17. www.etyfish.org

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